Mika Kallunki RVN Consulting

Mika Kallunki

Entrepreneur, digital overlord

I always describe myself as a kind of propeller hat. I like to develop, think, research and implement new stuff. Continuous development and seeing new opportunities is my strength; or really mine and Topi’s strength! We can promise that working with us will not leave you short on ideas or second-guessing the quality of our work or the value of your investment.

Do you want to stand out in your industry and rise above your competition? Want to do something completely new and great? Let’s get connected and start building a solution for you that is second to none!

Topi Tossavainen RVN Consulting

Topi Tossavainen

Virtual design, project management, partner

A cornucopia of ideas fills my mind, as I look at the world through virtual lenses. I strive to create beautiful entities and polish our virtual world, as seamlessly as possible. As an idea-rich thinker, I only see opportunities around me.